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Hello Amazing Human

It's great to ‘meet’ you. What’s your name?

Normally about now on an ‘About’ page, I should be launching into a monologue about who I am and what I do. And hey, we’ll get to that…

But first, I’d like to know a bit about you. What challenge are you grappling with? What are your values? What’s keeping you up at night? Go on, tell me.



Because I believe we could all benefit from a little more connection and I believe in order to be of any value, I have to understand you and your business.

That means I want to know about you as much as you want to know about me. 

So here’s the thing:I don’t have a job title, I don’t fit in a box and it’s not easy to explain all the things that I do.

What I can tell you though is that I am a philosopher and ethicist at heart. Which means I can help you solve the complex ethical challenges you’re facing in your business, whether that’s in relation to mental health and wellbeing strategies, disability policies. Or if you’re a health tech or AI company looking at the ethical implications of your product on your consumers, clients and wider society.


What does that even mean?


It means I blend six years experience at some of the world’s best law firms in London and Melbourne with a Masters in Mental Health, Ethics and Law and a passion for critical analysis and strategic thinking to help you tackle some of the biggest challenges you’re facing in your business. Because let’s face it, we’re seeing tech develop at an unprecedented rate and we’re also seeing more and more cases of burnout and mental health concerns. We’re facing issues we’ve never had to navigate before.

And a lot of them are based on fundamental moral values.

How much responsibility do we have for our employees’ health and wellbeing? How do we manage a request for reasonable adjustments due to disability? How can we, or even should we, be leveraging our employees’ and clients personal data for good? How do we regulate and monitor safe use of tech? Where can we learn from others industries to develop an ethical framework that guides our core business or strategy?

So I help you take a step back and question the assumptions you’ve been making, explore ethical frameworks that can guide your business activities and find workable solutions to move forward in a way that’s good for business and society.


It’s not going to

be easy…


Questioning the status quo never is. But as our world develops and new tech emerges, it’s even more important that we’re questioning the foundational principles we’re building products and services on. Are they really good for society? Is there a better way to deliver them? How do we protect everyone’s interests?

And let’s understand the values and morals that sit behind our decision making. Because trust and transparency are key to any relationship.

So in the spirit of transparency, here’s a little about me…

I've created and managed multiple internal communications and corporate responsibility projects within law firms; I've built a freelance business delivering workshops on wellbeing to City firms; I've written a CPD accredited resilience training course for mental health champions; I've delivered a TEDx talk (45k+ views) sharing the story of my uncle's suicide; I've been invited to speak on panels on wellbeing, gender and vulnerability for some of London's biggest companies; I've been published in print; I am the Director of a social enterprise aiming to help children talk about their emotions; and I'm currently finishing up a Masters at King's College London writing my dissertation on whether mental disorder should be defined as a disability.

I LOVE to write, and I want to make philosophy relevant for modern society. So you’ll see me write a lot about mental health, disability, reproductive rights, identity and recognition, John Stuart Mill, balancing autonomy with society, human connection and more.

This is my space to explore those issues and to meet new and inspiring people like you.

Oh and I’ll talk a lot about the sky and the humans in my life because they’re fricking awesome and they make my heart happy. France will probably come up too, as well as the books I’m reading.

As for what keeps me up at night…

(because I think you can tell a lot about a person by their answer to this question) it’s normally a whir of ten different thoughts at once but the theme is always the same. Questioning whether I’m good enough to do this: who am I to speak on these issues? Will anyone want to listen to me?

And that’s not because I don’t believe in what I’m doing. I 100% do. But because self-doubt is deeply ingrained in our psyche and anyone who tells you they don’t have these thoughts is lying. 

It’s what you do with them that matters. 


My hope is...

that by being honest about the issues I care about and what moral questions I have, I encourage others to do the same..


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I’d love to know a bit about you.