Intuition - what's yours telling you?


Mine told me to quit my job and move to Melbourne. To take some time out for me. To start this blog, It's currently telling me I can do anything - it's spine-tingling exciting and terrifying all at the same time... I'm not entirely sure what that 'anything' looks like yet but I know I want to write.

That I love feeling connected to people and surrounded by positivity, inspiration and innovation. That I'll live by the ocean in a yellow house with beautiful white shutters one day. That my heart is at home on the Cote D'Azur. That I'm blissfully happy when surrounded by natural beauty. That my life is full of love. That I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by my unbelievably awesome friends.That I'm determined to make a difference in this funny little world we live in. And it tells me that something wonderful is never far away from happening. Intuition is powerful stuff.

I attended a tarot reading class last week because, well, I'm currently unemployed and why wouldn't I do this on a Wednesday afternoon?! I really didn't know what to expect; I don't believe in any God but have recently taken an interest in the energy of the universe and yet I walked into the class almost scared of what might happen. I mean, how can another human 'read' your past, present or future just using a deck of 78 cards and no prior information? I'm still not entirely sure how you get good at this (I defs need a few more classes) but what was clear from the hour-long workshop was that it is solely based on intuition - the feeling you get when you look at the cards you have drawn and the person sitting in front of you. You just go with your gut and read accordingly. Sounds simple (I can tell you it's a lot tougher as a novice) but it got me thinking about intuition and how I probably need to give it more credit... After all, it speaks to me about some pretty major things and I really really want that house by the ocean.

Intuition is a funny thing. It's immediate, effortless and happens without conscious thought. It allows us to make sense of the world, decisions, actions, behaviours instinctively. Psychology tells us it lives in the right brain with our emotions, feelings, experience of music and art. Psychology also tells us that it tends to know the answer long before our rational friend the left brain does - this is why we may get an negative physical response to something before we consciously work out why. Or how we suddenly know the answer to a quiz before we remember where we learnt it. It guides us every day and yet more often than not we ignore it when it comes to the really BIG things in life. We tune out the nagging voice in our head, ignore the twinge in our stomach or the image in our mind that is telling us something is a little off. We make excuses for it - we can't let someone down, or quit the thing that no longer makes us happy or break up with the person who we feel just isn't 'right'. What we forget is that ignoring these signs, we are really only ignoring ourselves. We've all been there. It took me six months before I followed through on exactly what I had felt I should do long before, and finally quit my job and booked a one-way ticket to Melbourne. We need to remember that those feelings we can't quite put our fingers on are there for a reason. Listen to them. Honour them. Even if it's hard sometimes, you will probably thank yourself for it.

The good news it that the more we practice using our intuition, the stronger it gets and there's heaps of ways to do this. Meditation, asking yourself active questions and listening to the answer, journaling daily, reading up on the subject and so much more - do a quick search and there's tonnes of info on this!

My goal is to spend the next year following my intuition and using that to help guide this blog. I want to talk about the innovations that spark interest and feeling in me, even if I'm not sure why. I'd love your help with this and to hear your feedback and suggestions for topics also!

Now, what's your intuition telling you?