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Here’s where we get to meet!

I’m a big believer in the power of face to face connection. There’s something special about sharing a room with likeminded people who are passionate about the same things as you and finding that sense of belonging. 

I love working with forward thinking corporates, startups, charities, schools and young people to help them create space to explore the issues that are important to them. But I’ll only ever speak and run workshops and events on the issues that I’m truly passionate about. Because I believe that to create the space for people to be open and honest, that space needs to be held and led by someone equally as passionate about the things that matter to them. 




Topics I talk on include 

(Male) suicide awareness and prevention, masculinity and femininity, gender stereotypes, emotional intelligence, authentic relationships and what it’s like to have a portfolio career.

Below you’ll find events I’m running or speaking at, as well as the ones I’m attending - in case you’re interested in joining me there!

GA’s community of self-starters and techy folk loved Steph’s talk on networking to build authentic relationships. Engaging, kind and extremely insightful as to what it takes to bring your best self when networking.

- Rose Scanlon-Jones,
Marketing Coordinator | General Assembly London




My Talks & Workshops

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Networking to Build Authentic Relationships

Monday 15 January 2018
6.30pm to 8pm
Huckletree, Alphabeta Building,
Finsbury Sqaure

Are you fed up with “networking”, meeting hundreds of people and never actually making a genuine connection? Is this interactive talk, we’ll explore what it is to network, what makes networking successful and how to move from passing a business card to making a genuine connection. 

“Congratulations on a great event - it was so engaging and uplifting! Loved meeting you and others in person. So amazing everyone was putting your tips into practice straight away!”


Gender Stereotypes: Dispelling The Myth

A two hour interactive discussion-based workshop for young people to explore the myths surrounding gender stereotypes. We explore traditional gender roles and bias in the workplace and in the media, the negative impact on our emotional wellbeing and how we can begin to see past gender stereotypes to ensure we are all treated equally. 


Let's talk about suicide

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45, and of all young people. I’m passionate about raining awareness of suicide awareness, prevention and helping us as a society to better understand and articulate our feelings so we reduce the number of people reaching crisis point. 

This talk focuses on making suicide relevant, uncovering its motives, spotting the signs, actionable intervention steps and an audience takeaway. 


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Events I'm Attending


Male Suicide: the social determinants in the UK compared to Australia
Friday 5 January 2018
UCL, Gower Street

In this lecture, Glen Poole will discuss his findings regarding the social determinants of male suicide in the UK compared to Australia. 


Special Guest
31 January
Hackney Attic, 270 Mare Street

50 misfits, mavericks, and makers walk into a bar. Each person has one minute on stage to introduce themselves. A new event where the audience are the speakers!