Corporate Responsibility

Are you a senior business leader, medium business owner or entrepreneur wanting to identify how best to incorporate social impact into your business?

I work with you to create or review a robust CR strategy, that uses your organisation’s and employee’s skills and expertise to best tackle social problems in a unique way. We’ll develop your organisation’s gamechanging plan through a ten step process.

How we do it

1.     Identifying your organisation’s core purpose

2.     Mapping your areas of influence

3.     Understanding your passion (and pain) points

4.     Investigating your stakeholders’ expectations

5.     Allocating resource

6.     Identifying partnerships and collaborations

7.     Developing a social impact strategy bespoke to your business

8.     Integrating this into your business model

9.     Communicating the strategy

10.    Advising on effective evaluation.

Whether you have no social impact strategy, something relatively well defined, or want to take your current activities to the next level, my methodology is adaptable to suit your needs. I work with businesses big and small and with early solopreneurs to those looking to grow. You just have to be committed to creating meaningful social impact.