Clients I've been amazed by 



Laurence Woollard, Project Consultant specialising in patient advocacy initiatives

"I know it's a cliche but I was really at a crossroads with my career aspirations, choices and prospects. Due to a redundancy, I ended up working for an organisation that I disliked, in an industry that was of no interest to me.

Steph really helped me put things into perspective and identify my key strengths and realistic career paths. She turned my application upside down and brought out the best in me. Without her guidance, I wouldn't have ended up moving to Brussels to pursue a career in patient advocacy. I'm no achieving more that I ever imagined and continue to rely on her for advice and support."

Natalie Ann-Armstrong, Founder of Hey lacy 

When I started working with Steph, I was working on my cosmetic brand, Hey Lacy, and had reached the point of beginning the website creation but felt very stuck and unsure of how to go about what felt like a monumental task as it’s something I’d never done before.

Hey Lacy has been in the works for a number of years and never have I made so much progress with it or moved forward so quickly with it than during our coaching series. Coaching helped me to overcome procrastination and instead of dwelling on it being a really big task, now I look at it as a small action that I can knock out really quickly so I can move onto the next thing. This has helped me continue moving forward with other areas of my life and not let things pass me by.

I felt really supported and listened to and Steph had incredible questions, ideas and advice for me throughout the entire series and got me thinking about things I had not even considered which gave me those light bulb moments and motivation to keep moving forward!

Steph got me to a point with Hey Lacy that I genuinely do not think I could have reached on my own and the website is now ready to launch. I can hardly believe it!

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Michaela Tate, Community Investment Manager

"When Iconnected with Steph, I was feeling frustrated and exhausted in my current role and finding it difficult to articulate exactly why. I also didn’t have a great deal of perspective on what I wanted to pursue next, or clearly identify my passion. I’d never worked with a coach before but through a coaching session, I was hoping I might gain a clearer understanding about the next chapter in my career.

The coaching session exceeded my expectations! I had perspective and action points! The action points have held me to account, and I’m quite excited about the possibilities.

I now have a much clearer understanding of why my current role isn’t working for me as well as the pros and cons – I was able to look at the situation more objectively. I also appreciated the opportunity to write points down and brainstorm - it is not something I would usually do and had been a constant source of reference. I didn’t expect to walk away with as much clarity around what I’m passionate about and potential opportunity to pursue. I felt productive, motivated and inspired walking away from the two hours with Steph.

It was an amazing session, thank you so much Steph!"