We all have the power to make positive change happen in our world and find purpose in our work.

Hello, I'm Steph, and through coaching and consulting I help you to find purpose and make a social impact in your career or business. 

I coach passionate Gen Yers to swap their current 9 to 5 for work that they LOVE and reach their potential in their roles, because life's too short to be unhappy doing something for too long. 

I also provide social impact consulting to Executive leaders and entrepreneurs, creating opportunities to develop impactful community volunteering and partnership programmes.

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Steph really helped me to put things into perspective and identify my key strengths and realistic career paths. She turned my application upside down and brought out the best in me. Without her, I wouldn’t have ended up moving to Brussels to pursue a career in patient advocacy.
— Laurence Woollard, Project Consultant
I felt really supported and listened to and Steph had incredible questions, ideas and advice for me throughout the entire coaching series. She got me thinking about things I had not even considered which gave me those light bulb moments and motivation to keep moving forward!
— Natalie Armstrong, Founder - Hey Lacy

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